To know all of a bone in its entirety would close both ends of an eternity. – A. T. Still


Welcome to Bones Breathing, manual therapy with Louis Kammerer. Oregon LMT #23400.

Louis utilizes an osteopathic manual approach to assist a range of conditions including chronic and acute pain, digestion, and recovery from injury in adults and children.



Treatment consists of a history, assessment, and a gentle listening focused approach that helps the bones, fascia, and organs work more effectively as a whole by improving circulation and mobility.

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In addition to the manual therapy specific movements based on gait are given to continue the healing process and give tools to address concerns yourself!

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About Louis

Louis completed five years of training at the Collège d'Études Ostéopathiques, a Canadian school of manual Osteopathy in Montreal. His broad background in martial arts and circus performance assists his understanding of the mechanics of many complex injuries and physical complaints.

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Other Information

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Louis treats in Portland, OR Fridays and Saturdays at 4314 N Mississippi Ave as well as Sunday and Monday at 521 SW 11th Ave. Once a month he is available for treatments in Newport, OR. Contact him for specifics.


I know of no part of the body that equals the fascia as a hunting-ground. I believe that more rich golden thoughts will appear to the mind’s eye as the study of the fascia is pursued than of any other division of the body..

— A.T. Still