Anatomy in Motion

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Anatomy in Motion ™ (AiM) by Gary Wardis a pioneering assessment and treatment method that evaluates your body as a complete system. From the time the heel hits the ground until the toe leaves the ground we can identify seven stages happening in 0.6-0.8 seconds. Using the flow motion model we can identify what every joint in the body is doing in all three dimensions at a particular time not only identifying the complex 3D movements of the 52 bones and 66 articulations of the feet but also their continually changing relationship to the other 154 bones and 294 joints of the body.

Joints, ligaments and muscles have the potential to work together as a solid unit but injury, trauma, and years of restrictive footwear contribute to how these parts stop working as a team. If the body stiffens to protect an injured part, reducing the capability of the joints and muscles, it has to re-gain this movement from somewhere else creating restrictive patterns and often pain.

With his blend of osteopathic approach to manual therapy and specific whole body movements that you can take home, Louis encourages you move back into areas you have been avoiding restoring your relationship to the complex movements of the foot. Come restore your lost movement and potential with a foot that can adapt to any root or rock and watch how it helps the whole of your body and it's aches and pains.

Human movement wonderful thing, let Louis help you get it fluid, unrestricted and effortless!

To start the exploration before a session you can use Wake Your Body Up where Gary Ward Helps take you start assessing and exploring movement!