Louis follows a holistic approach using observation and manual palpation to assess the whole body to find structures maintaining the patient's concern. The structure may or may not be at the site of the concern depending on each person's unique mental, emotional, and physical history. 

Information from the assessment is then correlated with interconnections in the body to find a source of the concern which could be exacting an effect due to impaired function of nerves, vessels, or force transmission. One person might have lower back pain because of an issue with the bones, muscles or fascia of the area. For another person it could stem from the way an old ankle injury created changed gait interfering with the distribution of forces leading compensated by the back. For someone else inflammation from former pneumonia might reduce mobility in the diaphragm, pulling into its attachments at the lumbar vertebrae and reducing mobility. The possibilities are endless!

Local shocks affect the whole system, the nerve and blood supply to every part of the body.  -A.T. Still


Treatment is then used to restore mobility to bones, fascia, and organs.  Increased mobility can bring improvements to  circulation, proper force distribution through alignment, and improved tissue quality.

The goal of the work is to support all structures as needed while maximizing freedom of movement in structure and fluids.

To obtain good results, we must blend ourselves with and travel in harmony with Nature’s truths. -A.T. Still


Billing by CPT code, $35 per 15 minute unit.

Payment at time of service is  $120 per session.

A package of 5 prepaid sessions is $550

A package of 10 prepaid sessions is $1000

The first session is 90 minutes with subsequent sessions 75 minutes. 

Louis wants his services to be accessible to as many people as possible; scholarships can be awarded on a case by case basis.