About Louis


Louis Loprinzi Kammerer

Louis developed a deep appreciation for body mechanics through his lifelong study of martial arts, enjoyment of dancing Argentine tango, and former profession as a circus artist.

Louis came to a career in helping clients with manual therapy inspired by his own recovery from a multi-ligament knee injury that was greatly aided by osteopathic manual therapy. As an avid athlete and dancer himself, Louis takes great joy in assisting athletes and dancers restore function after injury or move past physical limitations interfering with performance. He also has an passion for working with babies and their mothers to ease the recovery after childbirth.

Louis completed five years of training at the Collège d'Études Ostéopathiques, a Canadian school of manual Osteopathy in Montreal. His training included over 3100 hours of school covering musculo-skeletal, cranial, and visceral osteopathic techniques. Specialized classes were included for pediatric and obstetric populations.

Louis is not recognized as a physician or a Doctor of Osteopathy in the United States.

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